Mikey Biggs – Thursdays

Mikey Biggs – Thursdays

Born to Jamaican parents Selector Mikey Biggs & MC Jr Banton were raised in the United Kingdom (UK) in the city of Birmingham.
From a tender age both Mikey & Jr had a ear for music as there parents used to hold various house parties throughout the 1970s era. The love for the music eventually impacted on them in a such a big way that they decided to build their own music collection to add to the music there parents already previously.

Mikey & Jr says “It was such an exciting hobby or ours & we just wanted to buy records every week! We had toys to play but we would get bored & always ended up at the Grundig Majestic gram especially on a saturday morning. It was a pity we were only young kids back in the 70s cause we could of brought a lot more records back then.

We only had our pocket money to buy records, we did the best we could. The section of Birmingham we lived in was a area called Nechells in a 3 story Block Of apartments & a friend of ours named Roy who lived on the floor below us was an elder & in the music business at the time came up to our apartment with a box full of reggae 45s imported from JA & said ‘boys i’ve been hearing you play your music & i want to give you some more music to add to what you already have so do you want these ? we were over excited with joy & took the box gracefully. That was back in 1978 & to this present day we never looked back.

The first single Mikey Bought was Bob Marley ‘Is This Love in 1978′ & the first disco 45 (12″) Jr bought was ‘Slave Driver’ Dennis Brown in 1979.

From this point they both continued there musical journey right through to the 80s but it was in 1981 when the reggae music became a passion to the brothers.

Mikey & Jr says “We were in school at this stage & doing little after school jobs (delivering newspapers) to finance our growing record collection then we met a bredrin named Andrew Paris who came to Birmingham from London & lived in our area. It was then we all got together & started our first sound system ‘Heavy Weight Hi Fi’ which ran successfully playing at lots of house parties & various halls for 3 years (1984). At this point the sound broke up & Andrew went back to London but the musical journey continued for us who now have a sizable record collection.

The second sound the brothers joined up with was two school friends who were also brothers named Keith & Chris Blackman who had there own sound system & was part of a up coming reggae band called the ‘Disciples’ The brothers was asked to join there sound system called ‘Hardway Sound’ & again ran successfully from 1984 – 1988. For Birmingham people who remember Hardway Sound from those times will remember there hotspot Newtown Community Centre (great times) The sound then split up on a neutral basis & still friends till this day.

After several months still building there record collection the brothers discovered radio. A world which was something brand new to them. Metro FM which was run by two brothers named Karl & Jr Wilson was the station the brothers decided to check out. After months of Mikey trying to convinced the station owners that we would be a great asset to there station they decided to give Mikey a spot & the rest is history. Mikey started on Metro FM the end of 1988 & Jr started a few months later

Jr & Mikey says “As far as popularity is concerned we forever give thanks to Karl & Jr for giving us the opportunity to make us household names.

The brothers took a break from the sound system business & played out as radio djs from 1988 – 1993.

Jr says ” I can remember one radio show i did on a sunday afternoon & got a phone call from a sound system owner giving me mad ratings & going on about how great my show was & asked if i play his sound system. That was the birth of Aces Celebrity Crew which was in fact became the biggest party sound in Birmingham. Big up to Fada Wicked, the late Yatta (gone but not forgotten) Trevor T, Jumpers, Donavan Daycuss, & Gary Brown. Aces Celebrity Crew ran from 1993 – 2000.

After the split from Aces Mikey & Jr took a long break in the sound system business but still purchasing music & even buying dub plates also playing on various radio stations for the next 15 years.

In 2006 the brothers joined there first internet radio station “Tellstream Radio” run by a very good friend of the brothers Big John New000 (big up to Big John). The station had a tremendous following from both NYC & Canada & the brothers had the pleasure on several occasions to meet these followers also ended up playing a few dances out there too.

The name BloodBrothers Sound actually was born in Brooklyn NYC. The first dance the brothers played under that name was at the Purple Lounge, Atlantic Avenue Bklyn NYC a night called “The Memorial Weekend International Link Up” May 29th 2012. Then back in England BloodBrothers Sound started to promote & put on there own dances from 2012 – present.

2014 BloodBrothers Sound has decided to set up there own radio station “Bloodlineradio.co.uk” & feel a change is needed & more elements to be added instead of just playing regular music on the radio. There aim right now is promoting new & up coming artist & producers & will be providing the world with the best musical entertainment, news, & events.