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Jami Dread yearning for the Privilege

Jami Dread yearning for the Privilege

AUSTRIAN singjay Jami Dread is hoping to break into dancehall market via his latest single Privilege. Released in January, the single was produced on the entertainer’s Lyrical War Records label.

“It is dedicated to those ladies who are proud of themselves, either because of their physical features or their independence and their ability to take care of themselves,” the 25-year-old told the Jamaica Observer.

“I am hoping it will give me my break internationally and if the Jamaican audience accepts it, that would be a plus as they are some of the hardest to please,” he continued.

Jami Dread (given name is Stefan Prieler) was born in Baden, Austria. He said as a child he was exposed to a wide cross section of music.

“I grew up mainly listening to Black music genres like hip hop and R&B, along with electronic-based music like house and techno. My grandfather was a big fan of Jamaican legends like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh; so my exposure to reggae music came during the most influential part of my life, my early childhood,” he explained.

He began honing his craft and made appearances on local sound systems.

A software engineering by profession, the singjay began investing in a proper studio at 21.

Jami Dread said he is aware of the challenges associated with breaking into the reggae scene but he is ready for the task.

“It is quite harder as an Austrian-based artiste to emerge or “buss”, as the scene here itself isn’t that big. It is still missing a proper unity, therefore, it is hard to push. It is even harder for a dancehall artiste, as reggae in general is more welcome in Europe than dancehall,” he said.

Jami Dread’s other releases include Motion and High and Frass.


April 20th, 2015

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