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Let’ get ready to Rumble!

Let’ get ready to Rumble!

SHOW promoter Garfield ‘Chin’ Bourne hopes to expose new talent through the inaugural US Rumble sound system clash. The event is scheduled for October 10 at Amazuru nightclub in Queens, New York. According to Bourne, emphasis will be on emerging sound systems.

“The main objective of US Rumble is to cultivate a new structure that will usher in young talents, excitement and interest in the sport of sound clashing. For many years, the only established crown in the sound clash arena has been the World Clash title. This title has primarily granted its recipients international fame,” Bourne explained.

“However, it places little emphasis on their regional or national accomplishments. The US Rumble will highlight the national and regional efforts of young sound teams, while grooming them for the international stage,” he said. “Ultimately, the creation of

an annual national championship in multiple countries will create more anticipation leading up to the staging of the main event, which of course is the World Clash.”

The first competition features sound systems Kin Fargo, Broken Silence, Love People, King Shine, Innocent Sound, Black Hustler, and Nexxt Level. They are from six states: Connecticut, California, New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, and New York.

“It is extremely important for the sound clash culture to recognise young sound systems. For almost two decades the industry has been upheld by the talent of a small number of high-ranked sound clash personalities,” Bourne said. “Most of these personalities now feel that there is nothing more for them to gain by constantly competing. As a result, the sound clash arena is slowly moving toward a dormant state.”

A campaign on social media endorsing US Rumble has been launched. Endorsements have come from several established acts, including deejays Elephant Man, Cutty Ranks, and Merciless; singers Errol Dunkley, Robert Ffrench, and Freddie McGregor.

Bourne is part of the Irish and Chin promotion team which has staged the popular UK Cup Clash and US Sound Clash.


September 21st, 2015

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