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Innocent Sound wins the Rumble in Queens

Innocent Sound wins the Rumble in Queens

THE sound clash, one of the most enduring and exciting aspects of reggae culture, played out at the Amazura nightclub in Queens, New York last Saturday.

It is where the inaugural US Rumble took place to a packed house with seven sound systems ‘throwing down’ for top spot.

Florida’s Innocent Sound, featuring selector Dave ‘Dappa Lee-thal’ White, won the title of America’s National Champion Sound. It earned them a slot representing the United States at the UK Cup Clash and World Clash competitions.

Dappa Lee-thal defeated King Shine of New Jersey (featuring selector Jimmy Spliff) 4-0 in an intense ‘tune-fi-tune’ face-off.

“I’ve been working hard since 1997 to make Innocent Sound a force to be reckoned with and honestly, this victory means everything to Innocent Sound,” said Dappa Lee-thal.

Promoter Garfield ‘Chin’ Bourne said, “Innocent displayed a combination of qualities that ultimately gave them victory, including strong speech and dub plates, complemented by some lethal 45 selections.”

King Fargo (New York), Broken Silence (California), Love People (Virginia), King, Black Hustler (Connecticut) and Nexxt Level (New York) were the other contestants.

Bourne was pleased with the turnout for US Rumble’s debut.

“It was impressive and significant for numerous reasons. Namely, it showed that the sound clash arena can be reignited,” he said. “Patrons are willing to take a chance to support the unknown, clash fans can be receptive to change and fans have not given up on the sport. It’s up to the sound clash fraternity to continue exciting audiences and fans and giving them something to buzz over.”

Bourne and his business partner Gilbert ‘Irish’ murchinson plan to make ‘Rumble’ into a series of regional events in the United States, Canada, and Europe.


October 15th, 2015

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