IAM MALAKHI is a revolutionary spirit delivering a profound message of upliftment and positivity through his brilliantly crafted lyrics.

His name reverberates, the meaning Messenger of God, a name that is rooted deeply in his Rastafarian convictions. The reggae artiste extraordinaire was given the name MALAKHI by a close friend, who thought that when he delivered his message to the mass it is as if Martin Luther King or Malcolm X re‐incarnated through him. He later changed the name to IAM MALAKHI which translates literally to I am Messenger of God.

IAM MALAKHI spreads a message of love, peace, justice, unity and community through lyrics, on stages all over the world.

His message written from experiences drawn from his personal life and anything that strikes a chord within him, whether the inspiration comes from nature, or life itself, thus providing comfort, support for his fans while identifying with the challenges that life offers.

"I do music for the people, because I'm for the people and if I can't do that then my life
is worth nothing, I am Malakhi and I'm the messenger. Yes, I am an entertainer, I take  what I do seriously I am not in to the gimmicks or the circus acts.”

To IAM MALAKHI music is a channel of expression and a means of communication. He  describes his style of music as cultural, lover’s rock & a social commentary. Hailing from the beautiful parish of Westmoreland in the island paradise Jamaica, he is  christened Densil Gayle.

From a very early age in life music chose IAM MALAKHI. He got his start doing music in the  church where he started out by playing the keyboard. His parents Lennos Gayle and Beryl Gayle played a very influential role in his life and further encouraged him to consider music as a viable option.

Later, he made his transition to bass then on to a professional backing band that afforded him the global opportunities to hone his skills on a larger platform. The unique combination between gelled with the advent of a few songs garnering respect from fans as far as Kazakhstan, Israel, Europe, France, Kenya, Brazil, Ecuador, Columbia and the tri‐states of North America and South America.

Although mesmerized by the power of music at a very young age, IAM MALAKHI didn't
begin aggressively pursuing music until 2012, when he stared working alongside Oniel Mcdove who first recorded him.

Further cementing his career in the business is his distinct commanding tone & witty lyrical style. His soulful silky voice was improved by performing at various weddings and events thus enhancing his musical dynamics and range.

During his tenure in music, he released his debut EP titled Element of Surprise. With singles such as NOT FORGOTTON, that speaks vividly to those who've lost a love one. WORLD CRISIS feat XCI highlights and addresses the issues that our planet is facing from the ruling political elites and how we can take a stand.

Another one of his more popular song LOVE THAT I'M FEELING provides support for those in a stable or unstable relationship, bringing hope and restoration. The song MAN A WARRIOR is for the real warriors by a real warrior. Finally the song STICKY delivers a strong message to the political body about the way they conduct the affairs of the nation.

IAM MALAKHI started working on his new EP, entitled I ALONE, and looks forward to completing the project soon for his ever growing fan base. This and a few of his upcoming singles will be produced under his record label, Fyahrain Production.

IAM MALAKHI sets out to make a difference in people’s life and ultimately change the world with his music. His burning Philosophy in life remains “I alone can make I bless I control my destiny”

Reggae Revolutionist IAM MALAKHI


Social Media: Facebook/ Instgram/Twitter/ Youtube/LinkedIn/Reverbnation –IamMalakhi


Contact number: UK- 01144-748- 635-5004/0114- 779-873- 6323

Jamaica- 1876-315- 6939


July 11th, 2016

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