Young Garvey

Young Garvey

On Friday march 17, 1982, in the parish of St. Andrew I was born of parents Marcia Forbes and Winston Findley. I am the second child and only boy for my mother and second child for my father. At age three I attended a basic school in Duhaney Park where I was living at the time. My family then moved to Trench Town by the time i was of age for Duhaney park primary school.

At primary school I was just an average child, I participated at the primary level in track and field for my school. Growing up as a child I used to sing songs in the bathroom and as such my mother and other family member was aware of my talent, however this was not known to the public until one christmas I
performed at church and this was where everybody knew about my talent, however life in Jamaica was cut short as me and my immediate family's migrate to, new York at age eleven as my mother was in search of a better life for us.

In New York I attended the Mark Twain Junior High School, where the love for music grew stronger and stronger watching guys doing hip hop, I used to beat the desk in the cafeteria and rap freestyle with my other school mates. At this point I realized that music was my calling. I moved to Spring Valley, New York with my mother and sisters.

I was given the name Young Garvey by a friend because of my constant talks about uplifting black people, he said to me one day “ you talk as if you are Marcus Garvey” and I said “yes I am Young Garvey” and from that day the name Yonng Garvey stayed with me.

Not long after I had a beautiful baby girl by the name of Aaliyah Findley, she came into my life when I was only sixteen years old, she meant everything to me she was also one of my motivations in life as I knew I had to take care of her and I saw music as my way out. I started to look into myself and started growing into a real man, this was where I decided to do music and only music, I taught myself to play the piano.

In 2007 I came back to my home land Jamaica where I started to put my plans into action. I started my own record label One Nation Music and a close friend Deno Tingling. We did work with Capleton, Mr. G, Harry Toddler all feature on the Contagious rhythm produced by One Nation Music.

My first radio single with as an artist was “grow mi hair” which is produced by One Nation Music/ Natral Enterprise on the “Natral life rhythm”. I am happy with the path on which my music career is heading now, I since shot a music video for my new single {gone up}I just put out a 18 tracks LP entitled (Ghetto Peoples Saviour) that’s doing real good all positive music I now see where I am in life and my goals don’t seem to be so far away. I plan on taking music to the heights, as the sky is my limit….


August 22nd, 2016

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