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Rory Stonelove & Barry G

Rory Stonelove & Barry G

Last night i attended the Barry Gee – Stone love – V Rocket show at parklands banqueting suite….. thank god for my ticket connections cause £25 was a lil steep considering the venue which was half if not a quarter full…. me all hear a man seh him pay £30….*coughs* ….as per usual as i got inside everyone squeezing up themselves around the back of the hall as if afraid to make use of the dance floor…. (why do people do that??)

wouldn’t be a wax review without a lil controversy…..but i call it ‘truth telling’ ….the sound chip out around 3/4 times….. i mean really chip out….. like darkness and not even a display light chip out…. i don’t know why or what but it happened….. respects still to the sound men who did the best they could to rectify the situation promptly….

father hovis and qualitex warming in nicely and V rocket performing a great set with some nice dub plates…..(im still wishing they’d roll out and clash……dub plates sounding clean like a whistle) after a while the announcements of ‘rory soon come perform were getting tiresome and luckily he came on just before the onset of a little restlessness….. Best set of the night….you now how stone love do…anthems anthems anthems…..but i guess its expected….

now, no disrespect to the veterans in the business as they are who i have grown up on and learn most of my reggae and sound history from BUT..Barry Gee ……BWOY…..i dont even want to say anything out of place but a better him nuh badda….. he quoted he hasn’t played in Birmingham for 15 years…..so i was expecting the place to light up! …however, very lack luster performance….the dance slowed right down when he touched the mic… started playing very slow rum bar tunes taking the pace right down…i held out for a while but things just kept getting worse and at one point not even the mic him dida use…just song after song after song no speech to keep the crowd entertained…. it was at this point that i left…. couldn’t tek nuh more…

big up everyone involved in this promotion…had the makings of being a roadblock dance…. I’m not sure why it wasn’t full from early but those who were there did their best to enjoy…

not sure but i think we’ve been saturated with stone love this year..might be just me… big up kutty qualitex who Never walks past me when he sees me and all of the BSSC massive who were inside the venue last night!! me nah call nuh name cause me nuh sure if you wah people know seh you did dideh ina dark carners a bubble lol

T Wax


October 5th, 2016

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