Dwayne “Staynn” Campbell

Dwayne “Staynn” Campbell

Known to most as “bighead”, “Bigwayne”, or “Staynn”, his birth name was Dwayne Campbell, born to parents Eugena McNaughton and Hubert Campbell on January 26, in the parish of Kingston Jamaica. Staynn is an uprising Jamaican singer, song writer and dancer, who now resides in Atlanta Georgia .

Staynn has been performing at the tender age of five(5), he was well known wherever he resides as a vibrant and energetic child who never seize to entertain his peers.

Staynn grew up in the community of Maxfield Park where he attend Rousseau Primary School and later move on to Norman Manley High School located in Kingston Jamaica.

It is safe to say that Staynn’s passion for music and entertainment was a mere result of his father Hubert Campbell otherwise known as “Daddy Ants” and uncle Lloyd Hemmings involvement in the business over the years. Daddy Ants and Sugar Minott was one of the founders of Youthman Promotion Sound back in 1980 alongside Colorman, where he was a selector and reggae artist.

The sound system was a vessel to get Sugar Minott and other artists music out to the public after radio stations refuse to play them. Lloyd Hemmings is known for hits such as “ Ghetto Life” which has acquired over 400,000 views on YouTube alongside “RaggaMufin Soldiers” Hemmings has performed amongst the like of Don Carlos back in 2010 at Northwest World Reggae Festival.

Hemming is also known to part take in a number of dub clashes, both locally and overseas. Therefore, it’s safe to say music was embedded in Staynn’s DNA.

With an exuberant and enthusiastic personality Staynn continue to entertain over the years, he would perform on stage show in and around the community, which was very receptive of his dancing and singing. Staynn was known to gyrate to any rhythm whether it’s from a musical instrument or the mere sounds of RAIN DROPS OR JUST A PON KNOCKING.

One of his accomplishment was when he entered and won a Regional Dancing Competition he even played PROFESSIONAL SUPER LEAGUE FOOTBALL for various teams. Staynn was able to listen and memorized every song that was played on the radio, of which he has done remixes for a few. Staynn personality was often compared to that of international artist Busta Rymes.

Despite multiple obstacle and challenges, he faced within the industry staynn’s compelling personality and the encouragement of friends and family has allowed him to protrude on the scene back in 2010, and in 2016 his new single “Mek A Baby” has caught the attention of the public and a producer who had heard staynn songs while getting a haircut and invited him to the studio.

“Mek A Baby” has been playing on radio station internationally which was inspired by a past relationship. Staynn”s aim is to please his audiences by producing nothing but the best music where the eldest to the suckling on the breast can relate to and enjoy.


June 6th, 2017

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