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Official Launching of the World Nature Song

Official Launching of the World Nature Song

The WNO is proud to announce the launch of the official WNO song, the “World Nature Song”, written and performed by Jamaican Reggae Artist Andre ‘Nature’ Ellis. The song was created to draw a more focused attention on the plights affecting our planet, especially developing and emerging countries.

The World Nature Organization was founded by emerging and developing countries; these states are already experiencing the devastating consequences of climate change and wish to make a difference and send a strong international signal, through the WNO, that nature protection and conservation must become the highest priority on a global level.

Montego Bay-based artist, Nature, greatly supports the efforts of the WNO to protect and preserve the environment and nature itself and is taking active and practical steps in this direction. His action and endeavor are highly commendable and an example to be followed. We share this commitment and wish to make our own contribution to nature protection and world peace through the World Nature Organization.

For his contribution and strong international message, the WNO officially appoints Mr. Andre “Nature” Ellis as WNO Goodwill Ambassador for Jamaica, in the hope that he will further spread his message about nature protection and preservation.

“I am very proud and happy to have found such an exceptional young artist with Nature, who can sensitize the public to the urgent problems of the environment with his commitment and music. We would be very happy if many dedicated citizens, organizations and, last but not least, the international community would join our common motto: “Let us preserve nature for a better future” said Count Oliver of Wurmbrand-Stuppach, Secretary-General of the WNO.

Efforts in putting together this project was also made possible with the collaboration of Reggae Release and its team members; a digital asset distribution & artiste marketing company based in Kingston, Jamaica.


April 12th, 2015

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