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Recording Artist Zion Child Launches Debut Single “Royal Princess Girl”

Recording Artist Zion Child Launches Debut Single “Royal Princess Girl”

Jamaican Recording Artist, Zion Child is the newest addition to the Reggae Embassy; the official Embassy for the Reggae industry. Though now residing in Bermuda, the island best known for its pink sandy beaches, he is staying true to his roots by bringing forth authentic Jamaican music.

His debut single “Royal Princess Girl” has just been released and is absolutely timeless. In its special DJ’s PreRelease Critique, it received rave reviews.  The song was written by Zion Child and the soulful background vocals and adlibs were accompanied by Zion’s Reggae Embassy-mate; Eldie Anthony. Royal Princess Girl was produced by Music Embassies producer and director, Christina Grand who has added another outstanding song to her vast catalog of productions.

Zion Child states that the Almighty inspired him to write the song.  He wanted to do a song to uplift women all over the world.  Too many women are not being treated as they should be by men.  If a man is blessed to have a good royal woman, he must take care of her and treat her as the ROYAL PRINCESS that she is.  He dedicates this song to every woman.  He expressed that it is also a love song that anyone can relate.

Royal Princess Girl is available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon.com and all major online stores.


Media, DJ’s and Radio Personalities can contact the Reggae Embassy for a copy of the song as well as to arrange an interview.  contact@reggaeembassy.org


April 24th, 2013

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