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Ras Zacharri takes on Jamaican market

Ras Zacharri takes on Jamaican market

With much recognition in parts of Europe for his previous three albums, singer Ras Zacharri hopes to have a greater impact on Jamaican listeners with his new album, Love Over Hate.

Ras Zacharri, who is the nephew of reggae artiste Buju Banton, said his new album should be released between April and May. He explained that he began working on the album in 2010 with French label MNIB.

“We have been recording all the tracks from scratch and laying the rhythm because all the rhythms are real instruments. They are taking ample time because they want the end result to be a good product for the market … . It’s roots reggae, it’s world music. That kind of reggae has a big market in France, Germany, and other places in Eastern Europe,” he told The Gleaner.

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And RasZacharri is no stranger to those parts of the world, as he has done shows in countries like Slovenia, Slovakia, England, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain.

“The fan base in those places is quite good and they keep growing. I broke on the scene in 2009 with the album Herb Man, and it had a good impact on Europe. In Jamaica, I am just putting in the groundwork

promotion-wise. With this album, I want the people to know Zacchari,” he said, noting that Health and Strength is his first local release from the album.

Zacharri added that Love Over Hate would be the first of his albums to be released in Jamaica as the Herb Man, New Horizon, and Rootstep albums were only released in Europe.

While he is uncertain about the reception he will get in Jamaica, Zacharri is confident that it will do well in Europe.

“I think this album gonna do very well in Europe. The people are anticipating a good album from Zacharri after the previous three. There’s a lot of plans for this album ’cause they are expecting something good, and they surely gonna get it,” he told The Gleaner.

And as the nephew of Buju Banton, Zacharri says he is focused on this goal as he has learnt lessons in dedication from his uncle.

“At a very young age when he heard that I could deejay and sing, he started to show a lot of interest in me, taking me to the studio, showing me the business,” Zacharri told The Gleaner.

“Him just show me how dedicated and focused you have to be to achieve in this business. These are the things I see with my own eyes and it influence me in a big way.”


April 16th, 2015

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